Pre-arrival services
How can you help me get set up in Canada?

Our organization can help you in many ways. We offer two types of service.

Our settlement services help orient you and guide you with all aspects of setting up in Canada, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Enrolling children in school
  • Transportation
  • Reception at the airport
  • Taxes and personal finance
  • Administrative procedures
  • Integration within the community
  • Civil life
  • Laws and the justice system
  • References for all appropriate resources for your needs


Our employment services are available to support you with the development and continuation of your career in Canada, including:

  • Help finding employment
  • Proofreading of your resumé
  • Networking with employers
  • Adapting to the Canadian employment market
  • Recognition of your experience
  • Professional reorientation


Go to our web platform to chat with, or speak via secure videoconference with, one of our settlement officers or employment specialists.


We acknowledge the financial support of the government of Canada and that of the province of British Columbia.

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