Frequently Asked Questions

Francophone immigration program
Am I eligible for your services if I still live in my country of origin?

If you wish to settle in Canada, but you have not started your immigration process or you have not obtained your Canadian immigration status, you are not eligible for our services. Unfortunately, only Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (as well as licensed immigration consultants) are allowed to provide recommendations on immigration/visa options which are available to you. Click here for some ideas about immigrating to Canada [link to question on immigrating to Canada].

If you are still in your country of origin, but you have been selected for the Canadien Permanent Residency (and have been informed by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada), you are eligible for our pre-departure Passerelle Ouest services. Our Passerelle Ouest services are designed to help you prepare for settling in Canada. To access these services remotely, visit the Passerelle Ouest platform [].

I'm a French speaker, but I'm not eligible for your services. Can you assist me?

If you were born in Canada, here are some resources that you may find useful in order to facilitate your settlement in Canada:

  • To obtain a driver's licence or car insurance, visit ICBC's website
  • The organization La Boussole can provide you with information related to employment and settlement.
  • RésoSanté is a directory with more than 1,000 Francophone health professionals in British Columbia
  • If you come from Quebec, the provincial health authority has published a document explaining the steps to follow in order to join MSP, the public insurance system in BC.
  • The Federation of Francophones of British Columbia publishes an annual directory of Francophone and Francophile professionals and services in the province

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