Frequently Asked Questions

Francophone immigration program
What services do you offer?

We offer free and confidential services to holders of a Canadian immigration status and to naturalized citizens.We are here to support your successful integration in British Columbia

  • Settlement services
    • Housing search
    • Obtaining a driver's licence and car insurance
    • Obtaining a social security number
    • Various administrative procedures
    • Tax clinics
    • Information on everyday life (banking, transportation, civic life, etc.)
    • Workshops and information sessions
  • Social activities
    • Matching program with a long-time Canadian resident
    • Social group activities to meet people and make friends
  • Employment assistance
    • Adapting to the Canadian job market
    • Résumé proofreading
    • Interview preparation
    • Networking 
    • Bilingual employment information workshops and employment fairs

Note: Our agency is not authorized to provide recommendations on immigration procedures or obtaining visas/travel documents based on your particular situation.