Frequently Asked Questions

Francophone immigration program
What is the Francophone Immigration Program of British Columbia?

The Francophone Immigration Program of British Columbia (PIFCB) offers free and confidential settlement and employement assistance to Francophone immigrants who are settling in British Columbia. 

Our services are available to permanent residents, temporary residents (temporary workers and foreign students), refugees and Canadian citizens born abroad (naturalized).

In addition to providing individual support in the form of private consultations, the PIFCB organizes monthly activities and events [link to calendar]. These activities, mostly held in French, may take the form of:

  • Information sessions (ex: Understanding Canadian taxes, How to find accommodation, How to obtain Canadian citizenship, etc.)
  • Employment workshops (Resume writing tips, How to build a professional network, Discover career options, etc.)
  • Social activities as an opportunity to meet other members of the Francophone and Immigrant community (Support group for women, Friendly soccer match, etc.)