Frequently Asked Questions

Francophone immigration program
What are "settlement agents"?

Settlement agents are competent and qualified professionals, especially trained to help newcomers settle in and integrate Canada, whether they have immigrated or are still in their country of origin.

Settlement agents of the Francophone Immigration Program of British Columbia (PIFCB) regularly assist the new and future immigrants in French and in other languages depending on the client's need.

Whether it's helping you enrol your children in school, register to English classes, find accomodation when you first arrived, settlement agents are an essential support resource for a successful integration in Canada.

Settlement agents can:

  • Assist you with your job search
  • Provide  you with the appropriate and necessary resources
  • Support you in the various administrative procedures (obtaining health insurance, social security number, driver's licence, etc.)
  • Connect you  with employers looking for Francophone or bilingual candidates
  • Match you up with community members