Pre-arrival settlement services!

Published on July 15, 2020

Passerelle Ouest is the pre-arrival settlement service by the Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique administered by Le Relais Francophone. The aim of this program is to provide guidance to newcomers who wish to settle in the province of British Columbia or the territory of Yukon.

Virtual activity to promote pre-arrival services

A virtual activity to promote pre-arrival services took place June 9, 2020 on the initiative of the Programme Next Stop Canada of the YWCA-Toronto.

The virtual activity was held by the sixteen pan-Canadian pre-arrival organizations, and the Relais Francophone participated by showcasing its Passerelle Ouest program.

No less than 315 people from around the world attended the workshop.

Move to Canada!

As part of the partnership with les Connexions Francophones, the Cité Collégiale, the Fédération Acadienne de la Nouvelle Ecosse (FANE), the Actions interculturelles de Développement Économique (AIDE), the Société de la Francophonie Manitobaine(SFM) and the Relais Francophone participated in a virtual pan-Canadian event called « Ô Canada! From an ocean to another » on Thursday, June 18, 2020.

Pre-arrival services is a unique portal for francophone immigrants; outside Quebec; who have been selected by Canada. Source :
It was a significant and successful event! During 4 hours, all partners were pleased to have provided information to over 130 people.

Each Province and Territory were presented and showcased by pre-arrival service-providers.
This presentation was an opportunity to share experiences with newcomers and to answer their numerous questions.

Jean-Bruno Nkondi, settlement officer at the Relais Francophone represented Passerelle Ouest. He presented the Western Canadian region, namely British Columbia and Yukon.
He passionately described the beauty of British Columbia and the magic of Yukon.
During this presentation, Jean-Bruno Nkondi also presented the francophone communities and elaborated upon some of the opportunities that French- speaking immigrants could take advantage of to get started on the right foot.

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