Career Compass Program


he Career Compass for Immigrants Program is a free job training and employment program for immigrants.

The objective of the Career Compass for Immigrants Program is to provide immigrants who face multiple barriers to employment with access to short-term job training, certification and job placement. This program also includes practical job search workshops.

The Career Compass for Immigrants Program is delivered in partnership with ISSofBC. Services are offered in English, French, and Arabic.

After studying your needs, a settlement officer will propose an action and training plan adapted to your career objectives. You will have the opportunity to take a short training course (3 months from 35 to 180 hours maximum), to benefit from job search assistance adapted to your needs, or to be placed in a company (in the form of an internship or other for a minimum of 3 months) according to your objectives. An employer relations specialist will support you throughout your job search and help you make connections with employers.


To be eligible for the Career Compass for Immigrants Program, you must be:

  • Canadian citizen, recent permanent resident (within 10 years of arrival in Canada).
  • Protected person legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • Living in the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Currently seeking employment or in a precarious employment status.


Key points of the program:

  • An individualized action plan to determine the training that best suits your career goals.
  • Access to free certifications or short-term training.
  • Improvement of professional, relational, and life skills (personal development).
  • Job search assistance.
  • Service in English, French, and Arabic.

Take the first step toward your new professional life and fill out our Career Compass for immigrants inquiry form today.

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We are able to serve Permanent Residents, Naturalized Canadians and Protected Persons with valid Work Permits. If you choose other, please include your status.
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If you prefer, French, please indicate "French" below. You will be referred to our French-speaking Partner Agency, Le Relais Francophone. If you prefer to be served in English or Arabic, you will be served by ISSofBC.
(for example, Cashier - 1 year, or Health Care Aid - 2 years)
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Compass Program will guide you to create and complete a short-term employment training plan aimed at achieving your employment goal. At the same time, we will guide you through the job search process and support you to become employed. If yes, please explain. If your answer is no, please also explain.
If you chose other, please write the name of the program you are in.
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