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    Employment assistance

    Our employment services are tailored to your needs and offered individually or in groups. They are available to permanent residents, work permit holders and naturalized citizens of Canada.

    Our employment services cover a large number of topics. Here is an overview of how we can help:

  2. CV & Cover letter :
    CV & Cover letter :

    - Understand how to properly write a CV.
    - Know how to use the right resume format, chronological versus functional;
    - The importance of the cover letter in BC and making sure to include the right elements;
    - Techniques to adapt your CV well to each application;
    - Access to resources. For example, a list of adjectives linked to skills according to profession etc. linked to a list of action verbs in English.

  3. Interview preparation
    Interview preparation

    - Good attitudes to adopt
    - Understanding the expectations of Canadian employers
    - Developing your professional pitch and knowing how to sell yourself;

    Click here to make an appointment with an employment specialist.

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    Assistance with settling down in your new province

    Settling down in in British Columbia, whether you come alone or with your family, involves several administrative steps. Our settlement officers assess your needs and provide support throughout the process.

  5. Below is a list of some of the services of which you may take advantage:
    Below is a list of some of the services of which you may take advantage:

    - Information on administrative procedures (SIN, phone, driving licence, etc.)
    - Help and guidance in finding accommodation
    - Information and assistance at the request of the board of health insurance (MSP)
    - Connection to the school system for children and information on post-secondary institutions
    - Information on child care -
    - Understanding the banking system and help with opening an account
    - Recommendation for the Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) program (*note this program is exclusively offered to permanent residents)

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    Community integration (Naturalized Citizen)

    Did you know that you can make a big difference in your community, while growing your personal and professional network? Our settlement officers help you connect with your community.

  7. Here is an overview of how our actions can help:
    Here is an overview of how our actions can help:

    - Volunteer opportunities with Francophone organizations
    - Information on community activities in your area
    - Connections with professional groups
    - Exchanging  experiences between citizens and immigrants in support groups

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    Community integration (Permanent Resident)

    Did you know that creating ties within your host community greatly facilitates your integration into your new country?

  9. Our settlement officers help you make those connections with your community through initiatives such as:
    Our settlement officers help you make those connections with your community through initiatives such as:

    - The Horizon B.C. twinning program which is the connection between a newcomer and a well-established volunteer member of the community;
     - Social Networking activities and community connection, such as the annual open houses, BBQs for permanent residents, etc.
    - Support and conversation groups that let you discuss a specific topic with people who have lived through or are living through the same experience as you.

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    Extend or modify the conditions of your stay

    Our settlement officers give you information on the various immigration programs available to you to extend your stay in Canada.

    However, our officers cannot do the work of lawyers and immigration consultants.

  11. Additional resources:
    Additional resources:

    Extend a work permit or change the conditions of stay

    Change categories of youth mobility program : 

    Journey to permanent residence :

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    Who can help you?

    Thank you for your interest in the BC Francophone Immigration Program,

    Unfortunately, at this stage, the BC Francophone Immigration Program cannot help you in your efforts. The BC Francophone Immigration Program is mandated to help people who already have an immigration status to settle in British Columbia. Only the Government of Canada through IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and the government of the province of British Columbia via WelcomeBC will be able to support you in your immigration process.

    However, below you will find two links to assist you with assessing your eligibility and discovering the different resources available to you to immigrate to Canada:

  13. Also, you can consider several pathways for settling in British Columbia:
    Also, you can consider several pathways for settling in British Columbia:

    or :

    We hope this information will be helpful. We wish you every success in your installation project in Canada. Once you get status in Canada, contact us so we can help you prepare your system and your job search in Canada.

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    Support to employers

    Whether you are looking for candidates with a specific profile or looking to fill several positions within your company, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal candidates.

    Each year, BC Francophone Immigration Program serves more than 800 French job seekers who hold permanent residency, citizenship or a work permit. We work to help them prepare for the labour market in British Columbia.

  15. Here’s how we can help :
    Here’s how we can help :
    • Access to a pool of candidates with a variety of skills, experience and certifications to meet your company's specific needs;
    • Publication of your job postings on our website, our social networks and our job newsletter;
    • Ability to screen candidates to ensure that their profile corresponds to the job;
    • Free participation in job fairs, 5-7 networking and other employment activities that will allow you to present your business and meet potential candidates;
    • Free and personalized services according to your needs with one of our employment specialists.

    Do you want to work with us? Do you any other questions? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you and respond to your recruitment needs.

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    Field meeting

    The field meeting is a collaborative framework for francophone officers from settling service providers and front line agents of Francophone organizations working with immigrants.

    This collaborative forum allows agents to get to know one other better, and to share best practices and sources to assist francophone immigrants with better integration. Members of the field meeting meet once per month or every third Wednesday of the month.

    Would you like to join this group and discuss the practices and challenges of your organization as a service supplier to immigrants? Complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!