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Pre-arrival orientation

Gate West offers free and confidential settlement, integration and employment services to francophone immigrants who move to British Columbia or to other western provinces.

Our services are available to permanent residents, to temporary residents (temporary workers and foreign students), to refugees, and to citizens who were born abroad (naturalized Canadian citizens).

Remote services available to help out future arrivals

Our settlement officers, who are competent professionals, are specially trained to help future arrivals and newcomers settle and establish themselves in Canada, whether they have already immigrated or are still in their native country. Whether helping you to enroll your children in school, to take English classes or to integrate into life in Canada, our settlement officers are an essential resource, supporting you with your immigration plans and helping you successfully settle in Canada.

The BC Francophone Immigration Program would like to thank all of our partner organizations offering pre-arrival orientation services:


Project partner:

BC Economic Development Association


Service providers:


  • Centre d’accueil et d’établissement (CAE) of Northern Alberta, Edmonton
  • Centre d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants francophones (CANAF), Calgary


  • Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF), Regina and Saskatoon


  • Accueil francophone du Manitoba, Winnipeg

Montreal, Quebec

  • La Maisonnée
  • L’Hirondelle
  • Accueil aux immigrants de l’Est de Montréal (AIEM)

Life in British Columbia

British Columbia, one of the 10 provinces of Canada, is in the far west of the county on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. From beaches to snowy mountains and from forests of great pines to bustling cities, you can choose a way of life best suited to you. Living in BC means discovering a world of possibilities with unlimited pleasant surprises.

If the freshness of salty air is your thing, more than 25,000 kilometres of Pacific Ocean coastline are yours to explore. The sea is never far away on majestic Vancouver Island, which has charms that will fill your senses.

If the peace and quiet of remote areas is calling to you, then life in the heart of the rich and green valley of the Okanagan is for you. You will quickly learn to appreciate the renowned wineries and placid lakes in this area.

If you prefer the buzz of urban life, Vancouver stands out as a city that is both welcoming and connected. BC’s capital city Victoria, on Vancouver Island, will also please you with its seaside resort feeling mixed with old English charm.

If the call of the mountains draws you in, follow your heart and discover the thousands of peaks and trails in the province. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of the mountain lakes as they reflect their surroundings in mirrored perfection. The forests are endless, but you will quickly feel at home with nature all around.

When you call BC home, you will happily lose yourself in the beauty of your surroundings.

Welcome to British Columbia!

We acknowledge the financial support of the government of Canada and that of the province of British Columbia.

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